Anglican Church of Australia

Anglican Church Southern Queensland

MAP Step 2.3 - Our Culture - (Congregations) 7:00pm

APWB Mission Action Plan

Within a month (September/October Sunday morning 10/9, 24/9, 8/10 at 11:00am and repeated on Monday/Tuesday evening 12/9,25/9,10/10) at 7:00pm (2 repeat sessions – Sunday and Monday/Tuesday to maximise Parishioner participation)
(Church members)

Church members meet for three teaching sessions. These will be held on
a fortnightly basis.
These three sessions are:
Our Focus: Committing ourselves to growth – 11:00am Sun. 10th Sep. and 7:00pm Tue. 12th Sep.
Our Plan: Developing a strategy for growth and doing it! – 11:00am Sun. 24th Sep. and 7:00pm Mon. 25th Sep.
Our Culture: Developing a community of invitation, welcome and hospitality – 11:00am Sun. 8th Oct. and 7:00pm Tue. 10th Oct.


APWB Mission Action Plan
  • Date: Tuesday 10 October
  • Start: 7:00pm
  • Finish: 8:30pm
  • Venue: St George's Church Hall, Cnr Thorne Road and Victor Street, Birkdale
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