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Wellington Park Aged Care - Worship Service (Low Care 10:00am; High Care 11:00am)

The Anglican Parish of Waterloo Bay Ministry to the Aged & Infirm:

The church provides monthly services for the aged and infirm, in the Wellington Park Aged Care facility on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

The Service consists of prayers, bible readings, a short homily, usually 4 hymns, and Holy Communion. It is a great joy and privilege to minister to these people, as in giving, so much is received in return. A great deal can be learned from the elderly and infirm. Through suffering, they can teach so much about Our Saviours Love. This is a valued ministry; an outreach of Pastoral Care; and a great joy and privilege for those involved.

Service Times

3rd Tuesday of the month:

The Stanford (Low Care) worship service is at 10.00am

The Wentworth (High Care) worship service is at 11:00am

If you would like to be involved in this ministry please contact us.


  • Date: Tuesday 20 January