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Anglicans - What do we believe?

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Many people wonder just what Anglicans believe, and why we worship the way that we do.

When did the Anglican Church start?

Why do so many Anglican Priests /Ministers wear vestments and are we the Church of England?

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Our Spiritual Growth

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EfM - Education for Ministry

EfM is a small group operating within the Parish, but using a very different format to other groups. It is a 4 year program, but participants are asked to commit for 1 year at a time. Therefore it does not fit into the “Taste and See” mould of other groups. eg try a group for a few weeks or months to see if you like it. It does however embrace many of the elements of other small groups such as worship, prayer and pastoral care.

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Cursillo - Enriching your Faith and Christian Life

The Anglican Parish of Waterloo Bay has a strong membership of parishioners who have attended a Cursillo weekend and who continue to meet together regularly for worship, fellowship and share in a “pot-luck” dinner. They constitute an integral part of the church and enjoy lively uplifting songs of praise and through their faith contribute substantially to the life of the church.

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Alpha Courses

Come along to Alpha: make lots of new friends; eat good food;

ask all the difficult questions you have about religion and spirituality;

have fun; and discover that there is a lot more to life.

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