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Life's Big Events

Birth, Coming of Age, Marriage and Death

In every person’s life there are certain defining and significant occasions. The Christian Church likes to celebrate these occasions and support people throughout the whole of life.

Birth – Baby


There are few things more awesome than nursing a newborn baby. We delight in celebrating with families and invite you to inquire about Baptism or a Naming Ceremony.

Coming of Age – Children

It is with joy and sadness that we send our little ones to school for the first time.
We like to support children in their growing years with our children’s programmes and invite them to participate more fully in church worship by receiving Holy Communion. Mums and Dads learn more with their children as they are prepared for Admission to Communion.

Coming of Age – Adolescent


Young men and women like to declare their independence. We encourage young adults (normally 15 or over) to publicly acknowledge their acceptance of Jesus Christ as a personal Saviour, and to be confirmed by the Bishop.

Marriage – Adult

Wedding Photo 250

What a joy to fall in love. It feels like you have come alive! You are “walking on sunshine.”

If you decide this is the person to spend the rest of your life with; then may be you need to think about getting married A wedding is a most beautiful way to share this memorable occasion. Make a commitment to each other, witnessed by friends and family in the presence of God.

Death – All


As we are all human, it is inevitable that one day we will die. They say, there is nothing surer than death and taxes. This need not be a totally sad occasion as a Celebration of Life (Funeral) is a wonderful way of saying farewell to those for whom we love and care for.

Christians believe that all these life-defining events have a place within the life of the Church – the people of God. Therefore all are encouraged to take advantage of these important and very significant events as they progress upon their life’s journey.

First Communion

Admission to Communion

When children have been baptised as young people, it is with the understanding that the parents and godparents will nurture them in the faith and practice of the Church. When the young people are old enough to make an initial commitment of faith by seeking to receive Holy Communion, they are encouraged to do so.

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One of the great joys in life is the arrival of a new baby, either through birth or adoption. Most of us then want to gather our family and friends around to welcome the new baby. We all want to do the very best for our new baby and we want them to know that they are loved and belong.

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When children have been baptised when they are young it is with the understanding that the parents and godparents will nurture them in the faith and practice of the Church. When the young people are old enough to make a commitment of faith they are encouraged to do so. This is usually from about the age of sixteen. It is not uncommon for people much older to be confirmed as well.

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Marriage preparation

Getting married is one of the awesome moments in our lives. Weddings have a mixture of excitement and romance. Often ideas and hopes that have been growing for years come to fruition on the wedding day.

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One of the hardest moments in our lives is when someone close to us has just died. On top of coping with our own grief we have the task of preparing a funeral that will give members of the family an opportunity to say farewell and to celebrate the loved ones life.

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