Wedding St George's Birkdale

Getting married is one of the awesome moments in our lives. Weddings have a mixture of excitement and romance. Often ideas and hopes that have been growing for years come to fruition on the wedding day.

Human beings have for millennia recognised a spiritual dimension to marriage. Most religions play an important part in wedding ceremonies within their own cultural setting.

Here in the Anglican Parish of Waterloo Bay we are delighted to help couples make this very exciting time an opportunity to enter into the grace of God. We have two beautiful traditional churches; St George’s, Birkdale and St James’, Wellington Point that make an ideal setting for a wedding.

Wedding Signing of Certificate

As an Anglican Church we use the wedding service of the Church which has been developed and refined through the centuries. There are opportunities to add your own personal touches while holding onto the rich traditions. (see Supporting Documentation at bottom of page)

For Christians, marriage is a commitment between a man and a woman before God. The Church believes God binds the man and woman together making them one. Jesus’ great love for the Church is seen as the model for Christian marriage.

Marriage Preparation

We provide marriage preparation for our couples using Prepare/Enrich material.


Our parish prides itself on providing exquisitely beautiful flowers. These are incorporated in the fee for the wedding. The florists endeavour to match the colours with the bridal party’s colours. If there are two weddings on the day usually they opt for white flowers. The flowers stay in the church after the wedding.


We have organists who are happy to provide traditional music for your wedding. Many couples like to bring CDs which can be used to complement the traditional music or provide an alternative.

If you have other musicians or vocalists that you would like to play or sing for your wedding please feel free to make the most of them. Any fees that they might charge would come outside the agreement for the Church.

We are happy to recommend the trio Carisma.


We discourage the use of confetti but are happy for couples to use flower petals or bubbles.


We are happy for photographers to take photos as long as they are sensitive to the sacredness of the day. Normally after the signing of the register we pause so that photographers can take some posed photos. There are a couple of good vantage spots with in the Church which enable photographers to take great photos without becoming intrusive.

Supporting Documentation: