Our Mission as a Parish is to “Know Jesus Christ and to make Him known”


We believe that we come to know Jesus through reading the Gospels. Our relationship grows when we meeting others filled with the Spirit of God. That growth blossoms in prayer and worship. We begin to see signs of his presence within creation and in other people.
Often our friendship with Jesus leads to a great sense of peace and joy. We know we are loved. We know he is with us.

This faith is what leads us to make Jesus known to others. We hope that others will experience his love and the peace and joy that come from knowing Jesus.

In order to find suitable strategies to make this mission statement come to life we have been exploring two different areas.

Natural Church Development

Secondly we chose to use the Natural Church Development surveys to explore our strengths and weaknesses. It was great to see that we are so strong in friendship and care. Having worked at developing Home Groups and Family Groups for a number of years we were delighted to see their positive impact.

There is still plenty of room for improvement in other areas. One goal will be to see the singing in worship more robust. We are going to work on helping all members of the Church to grow in faith and passion. Finally we will work at developing the leadership skills of those gifted in leadership and make sure that there is good communication across the parish.

So we trust that as we build up the weak areas the Church will grow naturally. We will grow in our love for Jesus and that will be “contagious” for those we meet. You are invited to join us in knowing Jesus and making him known.