Little Heroes is a fun weekly youth group for lower primary school children from Prep to Years 5/6.
It runs on Friday afternoon from 4:00 to 5:30pm at St George’s Hall, Victor S,t Birkdale during school term time.

Generator George the group mascot

I am George the Little Heroes Dragon. I go to Little Heroes every week with all my friends. I always try to be a good listener and show respect to everyone I meet. I like to see how all my friends at JAM, take care of each other. I often join in games when I can and, at the end of each Little Heroes afternoon, I share some goodies from my backpack with those who have tried hard to be a friend to others or participated well. I want to be like Fr Scott when I grow up – kind, clever and a great story teller!

P.S. I am awesome at cooking marshmallows with my fiery breath.

Children from Prep to Year 5/6 come and have fun together, growing in their friendships and developing skills in a Christian environment. The programme includes an afternoon tea, which the children really enjoy.

JAM (Jesus and Me) Afternoon Tea during Narnia Theme

The Little Heroes program includes a wide range of creative and lively activities during each term. These include games afternoons, craft projects, pool parties, trips to the park, movie afternoons, sailing days and other exciting events. Within this active environment, the children also learn about the life and teachings of Jesus, and how to live these each day. A while ago, the term was devoted to The Chronicles of Narnia” with role plays.

The group leaders created the scenes and donned costumes to make the story as relevant and realistic as possible.
The children created their own props and really participated in the activities.

Little Heroes is co-ordinated and run by our Youth and Children’s Minister and a team of experienced volunteers who work together to make each afternoon safe, fun and exciting. The volunteers use their varying experience and skills to encourage the young people in all the activities run during the term, so that the young people themselves grow in confidence, experience and skills.

JAM "Grandparents" supporting the group leaders

Included in the team are the Little Heroes Grandparents who support both the leaders and participants. These dedicated people assist the leaders in any way they can. They prepare and provide the afternoon tea each week and assist with serving it up and cleaning up. Grandparents apply first aid on the rare occasions it is required (usually a clean-up and band-aid does the trick). They show God’s love and compassion to the children at all times providing a positive impact on the children.

All volunteers have Blue Card accreditation.

JAM Group discussing the biblical relevance of Narnia

The children discussed the story and saw how relevant is was to biblical truths. Each week the children had a new part of the adventure to look forward to and the numbers were maintained from week to week as the enactment drew to its climax with Aslan.

JAM members at the conclusion of the Narnia Theme

Please come and have fun with us! A gold coin donation is requested each week.

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