New PraySchool Names

PraySchool Home Group meets on a Wednesday evening from 7:15pm to 9:00pm.

Meeting at alternate homes of those who are happy to host, the group studies the Gospel for the coming week or some other topic and shares insights.

Apart from any special series, a typical evening would commence with social catch-up, supper and laughing an opening prayer, followed by reading the Gospel for the following Sunday, or a series that the group feels would be of benefit, or occasionally some topic that one of the group is grappling with. This is then discussed as various aspects that come to mind, some laughing. The evening opens and closes with a prayer. Was it mentioned that we have some fun along the journey?


And no!… we are not little kids from an age point of view, some members of the group are quite mature (in age)….. “There’s a prayer in there! and a chair as well. There are people to see and stories to tell!”