St George’s


The flower roster is prepared two times a year.

Currently there are eleven ladies in this group and one backup.
The group is always delighted to welcome new members. If you have a desire to arrange flowers in church, however do not feel confident, do not worry as the team members all help each other.

This is a very caring, happy group who take pride in making the church beautiful each week. Working in pairs, each team takes turns to purchase and arrange the flowers from an allowance provided by Parish Council.

Flowers on altar

At special times such as Christmas and Easter all teams work together as a group. Weddings, funerals and memorial flower arrangements are prepared by the rostered team. Each week traditionally, five bowls are arranged – two on the altar, one on each side and one in front of the lectern. However other configurations are always welcome. For weddings there are often additional arrangements. Colours are the bride’s choice unless there is more than one wedding on that day and then the flowers are all white.

For the past few years the flower group has been invited by the flower arrangers’ guild at St. John’s Cathedral to morning tea, followed by demonstrations of flower arrangements suitable for groups and individuals to try in their local churches. A great deal has been learned from these gatherings and new ideas gained for which the flower group gives thanks.

It is a fitting tradition, that where requested by the family, additional flowers are purchased for an anniversary of the passing of a family member. The family normally would make a donation in this regard.

Flower Roster

St James’

The ladies at St James’ make a list each year which hangs in the hall. There are 7or 8 helpers. The flowers are donated by the ladies. These are usually fresh but sometimes supplemented with silk ones. These ladies also clean the brass and the church with great pride.

If you feel that you would like to be a member of one of these happy teams, then please contact the parish office. New members are always welcome.