An important aspect of church life is our involvement to maintain the church buildings and grounds in a state of beauty that reflects to the local community our love for our Lord.

One way we can show this is by ensuring the lawns and gardens are kept in the best of condition that we can afford.

Push MowerRide-on Mower

To this end, the Anglican Parish of Waterloo Bay has developed teams of people to mow and maintain the lawns; both at St George’s Birkdale and St James’ Wellington Point.

Both centres have their own mowing teams.

St George’s

St George’s currently has five teams of three people – one for the ride-on mower for the large grassed areas, one for the push mower for around the Church & Hall and one to handle the edging and general trimming. This equates to one mowing turn maybe every 5 or 6 weeks in the growing season and possibly once in winter (if you are fortunate enough to “score” a go).

To be on a team simply approach the co-ordinator (see details below). The only pre-requisite is a driver’s license if using the ride-on mower, as well as some practical know-how.

Work instructions and instructions for using the ride-on appear below, and someone in each team will either have or be able to arrange access to the storage shed.

With the number of teams currently available the job is both a pleasure and a breeze; however, commitments can be reviewed each year and team members can either withdraw, change team partners, or choose to continue for another 12 months.


We are fortunate to have a good quality ride-on mower which makes caring for the car park and adjacent areas a breeze.

There are also three push mowers, a Honda which is in good condition but can be heavy for some, and two older mowers that have been serviced by one of our parishioners and are a bit lighter. They also work well.

Both two stroke and four stroke fuels and oils are available in marked containers in the shed. These should be kept topped up by the co-ordinator, although sometimes he might need a gentle reminder.

Also in the shed is a good whipper snipper and a blower, which also use 2 stroke fuel.

The mowing teams are:

1 Mike Hawley, Alan Monaghan and Rob Clark
2 Jim Luthy, Justin Williams and Neville Gardiner
3 Daniel Davies, Daniel Zeimer and Jim Condon
4 Robert Hayes, Tony and Annmaree Collins
5 Ian Carr, Mal Banks and Jide Oyewole

If you would like to join this happy band, please contact the co-ordinator, Tony Collins, on 0418 886 763 or

St James’

St James’s has both a ride-on and a push mower on-site.

Thanks to the generosity of one of the parish families over a number of years to the current time, all mowing and trimming is performed by that family as part of their ministry within the church.

The grounds and hedges are always kept in good condition.