Both St. George’s & St. James’ churches have a worship roster which covers the various aspects of assisting the Priest in the running of the Sunday services. These include Liturgical Assistants, Eucharistic Assistants, Servers, Sides-persons, Readers, Intercessors, Data Preparers & Presenters, Morning Tea Teams, Offertory Presenters and Bankers.

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The roster comes out every three months. Prior to each period, parishioners are given the opportunity to join, have a break or advise the roster preparers regarding days of unavailability. If a person who has been rostered on subsequently finds that they are unavailable for a particular duty, it is up to that person to arrange a swap with another person who has rostered on for that particular duty in respect of another week. Parishioners, who are rostered, find the tasks very rewarding & new volunteers are always welcome. Please contact the parish office if you would like to assist.

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