The object of our support for ABM is the Indigenous principal and Assistant Principal of Wontulp bi Buya College in Cairns. The Revd Victor Joseph moved from Moa Island in the Torres Straits became the Principal in March, 2008. He also teaches the Certificate of theology Course.

Aboriginal students come from all over Queensland to study short courses at the College. Revd David Thompson has been at the College for a long time and provides financial management and curriculum development support for the college. These positions do not receive government grants . $37,500 is needed from churches and individuals for this project of ABM.

College staff:

Wontulp bi Buya college staff

ABM also conducts appeals in Lent and Advent for special projects which are endorsed by the Archbishop of Brisbane and primate of Australia.

The Partners Magazine is available. ABM is keen to ensure all parishioners receive a copy.

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