APWB Mission Action Plan
We are entering into an extremely important phase of our planning for the growth of our church with the development of a “living document” called the Mission Action Plan (MAP). Once developed, our key focus from all groups and committees within the parish, will be based on the overall vision and mission as expressed by the parish in that MAP.

As this MAP will have far-reaching effects across the parish, it is vital that everyone be given the opportunity to share their dreams and have a sense of “ownership” of the strategic vision.

MISSION ACTION PLAN: The Mission Action Plan development process commenced Tuesday evening 15th August. It was STEP 1 of 6 STEPS and was a Leaders Session (for all Parish Council members plus key group leaders within the Parish). The purpose of that session was for the Church Leaders to discover a common vision for the growth of the church. Over the next 10 months, there will be 6 STEPS; 3 will be for the Leadership Team and will (in the main) take place during the normal time for Parish Council and 3 STEPS will be for both the Leadership Team and Church Members.

It will be widely advertised, and promises to be an exciting adventure for our church and its members.

To maximise the attendance at the sessions, they will be duplicated. STEP 2 will be the first “whole of Parish” gathering in St George’s Hall on Sunday 10th September commencing at 11:00am to allow for those at the St James’ service to attend. This session will be repeated on the following Tuesday evening 12th September at 7:00pm. The 60-90 minute sessions will comprise: • Presentations; • Exercise Hand-outs; • Videos • Small Group Discussions • Feedback

As can be imagined, each session builds on the previous one, so there is need of a high level of continuity for this to maximise its potential. We know that you will want to be a part of this exciting initiative to pave the way, both for us and, more importantly, for future generations within the Anglican Parish of Waterloo Bay.

The Dates for all Sessions are as listed below:

Step 1: Initial meeting (in lieu of Aug PC Meeting – 15th August)
(Leadership group)
An initial vision-sharing meeting for your key leaders. This will include clergy, PC, plus other key
individuals such as home group leaders.
As this group catches the vision, use they will promote the course before step 2. Their collective enthusiasm will be far more persuasive than yours alone.

Step 2: Within a month (September/October Sunday morning 10/9, 24/9, 8/10 at 11:00am and repeated on Monday/Tuesday evening 12/9,25/9,10/10) at 7:00pm (2 repeat sessions – Sunday and Monday/Tuesday to maximise Parishioner participation)
(Church members)
Church members meet for three teaching sessions. These will be held on
a fortnightly basis.
These three sessions are:
Our Focus: Committing ourselves to growth – 11:00am Sun. 10th Sep. and 7:00pm Tue. 12th Sep.
Our Plan: Developing a strategy for growth and doing it! – 11:00am Sun. 24th Sep. and 7:00pm Mon. 25th Sep.
Our Culture: Developing a community of invitation, welcome and hospitality – 11:00am Sun. 8th Oct. and 7:00pm Tue. 10th Oct.

Step 3: Within 1-2 months of the third teaching
Session (in lieu Oct 2017 PC Meeting 24/10)
(Leadership group)
Meeting to discuss feedback and comments from the first three congregational
gatherings. These then need to be developed into action points which can be put
into practice over the next few months.
Allow some time for actions to be implemented and things to begin to happen.
This will help to prepare the ground for developing a Plan for Growth (P4G). The whole process needs to be carefully watched over. Our Church is working to a system called Mission Action Planning, or MAP.

Step 4: 1-6 months after the second leaders’ meeting (Mar/Apr 2018 – Sun 11/3,25/3, 8/4 at 11:00am and repeated on – Tue 13/3, 27/3, 10/4) at 7:00pm (2 repeat sessions – Sunday and Tuesday to maximise Parishioner participation)
(Church members)
A further three teaching, discussing and decision-making sessions:
Our Calling: Telling our story and helping people meet Jesus – 11:00am Sun. 11th Mar 2018. and 7:00pm Tue. 13th Mar.
Our Journey: Growing and going deeper as followers of Jesus – 11:00am Sun. 25th Mar. and 7:00pm Tue. 17th Mar.
Our Heart: Developing worship that helps the church to grow – 11:00am Sun. 8th Apr. and 7:00pm Tue. 10th Apr.

Step 5: As soon as possible after step 4 (in lieu PC Mtg 24/4)
(Leadership group)
This meeting allows the leaders to review and reflect on the process so far,
identifying priorities and establishing a sense of vision. A MAP should be drawn up
or refined, ready to be communicated to the whole church.

Step 6: As soon as the MAP is ready to be shared (May/Jun)
(Whole congregation)
A celebration event for the whole church – not just those who have taken part in
steps 1 to 5 – sharing the MAP and committing the church to bring that vision to
life. This event could take the form of a Communion service or Eucharist, but
should certainly be part of your regular pattern of Sunday services, preferably the
one where you get the largest regular attendance. It is also important to share
these with your mid-week congregations.