APWB Mission Action Plan

Following the first 3 Parishioner Sessions of the Mission Action Plan, the Leaders Group reviewed the results and have published the 5 Short-term initiatives to be progressed.
These are:

  • Prayer;
  • Hospitality;
  • Welcome;
  • Worship; and
  • Small Groups.

They are expanded upon below.

Progress is already being made in a number of these areas, however, for this to really become as effective as possible, it needs the support and activity of all parishioners.
These 5 initiatives stood out, as the leading of the Holy Spirit worked through those many people who participated in the workshops.

This is by no means the end of the MAP process. The above initiatives are just some of the things we can do now to make a difference. To keep up the momentum.
Let’s all work together to active support these initiatives where-ever possible – and thus grow the church in this community.


Jesus actually commanded us to pray; and yet it can be one of the most challenging activities we are invited to do. How should we pray in order to GROW our Church? Here are 6 suggestions:
1. I will pray that the Holy Spirit will be infused within each member of the leadership team that they corporately seek to wisely lead our church into growth.

2. As I read the daily passages of scripture, let me ponder what they are actually saying to me today? How can I respond to them such that it may being life, peace and joy to others?

3. When I pray, I will allow time in quietness for God to speak to my heart. I will no longer make prayer “a one-way street” of requests.

4. As I pray each day, I will ask God to empower me through His Holy Spirit to determine at least one person that I can contact, assist, encourage, or support, and show His Grace to in humility.

5. As I pray, may God give me a spirit of generosity of time and talents towards:

  • making sure the fabric of the Church is worthy of our glorious God; and
  • ensuring other church members and those outside the current Christian community are experiencing God’s blessings.

6. I will pray earnestly that the Holy Spirit will empower me to give generously of my wealth, without “counting the cost” to do so, to enable my Church to effectively reach out to others and provide adequately for their spiritual, physical and mental needs.