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The Anglican Parish of Waterloo Bay, (Birkdale and Wellington Point) located in Redland City just outside Brisbane, forms part of the Diocese of Brisbane. It includes 2 churches: St. George’s in Birkdale and St. James’ in Wellington Point. Both buildings have halls available for functions. In 2006 we changed names, being formerly known as the ‘Birkdale Parish’.

Recent developments have provided a wheelchair accessible entrance to all churches and halls and the rectory making them fully accessible to the mobility challenged.

St. George’s is the larger of the two churches. The church is a traditional brick building with a capacity of around 100 people. The hall has a fridge, stove and microwave. St. George’s is an ideal location for either a small, medium or large wedding / baptism. St. George’s is located on Thorne Road in Birkdale in a quiet neighbourhood.

St. James’ comfortably seats about 70 people and is a building of historical significance in an architectural sense. The hall has a stage, kitchen (fridge, stove and microwave) as well as a barbeque and has space for about 150 to 200 people. St. James’ is an ideal location for a small intimate wedding / baptism.

St. James’ is conveniently situated near Wellington Point Railway Station at 17-19 Station Street in Wellington Point.

Service Times

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Service Descriptions

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The Parish is a semi-autonomous unit within the “Corporation of the Synod of the Diocese of Brisbane”, a corporation established in 1870 under the provisions of “The Religious and Charitable Institutions Act 1861”. The Corporation has adopted canons (rules) and regulations providing for the good governance of parishes and the parish priest and other clergy are bound by oath to obey the archbishop. Within that framework the parish manages its own affairs.

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A short History of St James' Church, Wellington Point


1889 – The building now known as St James, Wellington Point was originally St George’s Church of England in Redland Bay in the Parish of Cleveland, established during the Episcopate of William Webber, third Bishop of Brisbane (1885 – 1903). The building was designed by the Diocesan Architect John Hingeston Buckeridge. The church was built in 1889 on an acre of land in Peel Street, Redland Bay and was dedicated in 1890. The church was subsequently moved to Wellington Point in 1913 and celebrated it’s centenary in 2013 continue reading…

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A Short History Of St George's Church And The Anglican Parish Of Waterloo Bay.

Dedication of St George's Church - 1935

The ‘Anglican Parish of The Redlands’ was established in 1874 and included the village of Birkdale.

In 1924 the Cleveland Parish Ladies Guild allocated funds which formed the basis of the Birkdale Church Building Fund.

In the early 1920’s Birkdale parishioners began planning for their own church to be built on land donated by the Randall family.

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What does our Logo mean?

Anglican Parish of Waterloo Bay Logo

The logo was designed to coincide with the name-change from the Parish of Birkdale to the Anglican Parish of Waterloo Bay. The name was chosen as it was seen as inclusive and reflected the fact that both St George’s Birkdale and St James’ Wellington Point are situated on the mainland that encompassed Waterloo Bay.

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Giving @ APWB

God Loves a cheerful giver poster

If you would like to support the Anglican Parish of Waterloo Bay financially on a regular basis, please consider using either:

1. ANFIN – The Anglican Financial Services – ParishesDirect Debit – preferred by our Parish.

It is a convenient and secure electronic funds transfer (EFT) system.
The editable PDF version of the ANFIN Application Form , sign it and post it to:

ANFIN On-Line Connect Direct
GPO Box 421
Brisbane QLD 4001

Like to find out more before you decide?

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