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Merilyn Hockaday

Merilyn Hockaday

Merilyn and Russell were married in 1971 and have always been active in church life including leading youth and family ministries, church council and worship leading. Merilyn had many years involvement with Scripture Union, as a cook or leader on summer beach missions and camps and as a council member for 12 years.

Merilyn and Russell have attended St George’s since 2010 and enjoy the family atmosphere of the 9am service. They feel they have found a spiritual home particularly in their home group. Merilyn is involved in Liturgy, Sunday School and the flower ministry and has joined Council in 2016 to take on the Youth Ministries portfolio. She feels this is a challenging but exciting time for our parish as we minister to our growing number of families and young people.

Merilyn has enjoyed a long teaching career including teaching Home Economics, Curriculum Coordinator, Deputy Principal, and as a Teacher Librarian, a role she has particularly enjoyed and now continues part-time. She and Russell have 3 sons and 5 beautiful grandchildren.

Merilyn enjoys spending time with friends, reading, cooking, history and travelling to learn and experience something new.