Anglican Church of Australia

Anglican Church Southern Queensland

Fr Jim Cosgrove

Chaplain Jim Cosgrove

Jim Cosgrove is a retired Army Chaplain working living in the parish with his wife Jeanette.
Jim has been in the army for 32 years, the first ten years in the Army reserve in Brisbane and since then he has served in Sydney, Darwin, Townsville and Canberra, Brisbane and Sydney.
Now back in Brisbane they are close to their families, especially Jeanette’s ten grandchildren.
Jim & Jeanette love caravanning and camping and look forward to being grey nomads now that he has retired.
Jim writes poetry and has recorded songs, many of which are used as resources in schools and parishes.
They have bought their retirement house at Mooroondu Pt opposite Beth Boyd Park and are looking forward to a long association with the parish.

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