Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,
This week we enter into the season of Lent. This is the season that marks the 40 days before Easter. If you have a look at your calendar you will notice that these days don’t include Sundays. Sunday is always set apart as a feast day for Jesus.

During Lent many people choose to give something up or fast. This practice can help us to remember the great sacrifice that Jesus made for us on the cross. Have you thought about something to fast this Lent? Maybe it is a food or beverage that you really like? Maybe it is an activity that brings you joy? Each time you go to participate in that thing it is an opportunity to stop and reflect on Jesus and all he has done for us.
Many people these days are deciding to add something to their routine that reminds them of Jesus. I remember one Roman Catholic nun who would take on more pastoral visits during Lent. She would sacrifice her time as a way of remembering the sacrifice that was made for her.

What is it that you will do this year? No matter what it is my hope and prayer is that it will bring you into deeper relationship with God. Some of us will stumble and not make it through the whole of Lent without making a mistake. This is ok. All God desires of us is that we pick ourselves up and continue on the journey with him and each other. God’s peace, Scott.