Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,
This weekend we have had another successful Olde English Fair. As I write this
Musings we haven’t yet had the Fair but I am confident that it will go well. A big
thank you to the dedicated organising committee and all those who worked so
hard to make the event such a success. It is great to be able to offer the
community such a wonderful event. My hope and prayer is that all who come
can witness the love of God in the interactions they have with our parish family.
Speaking of family, this weekend is also Mother’s Day. A time to celebrate all
those who are mothers or who take on a mothering role. We are blessed to
have so many mothers in our parish. I pray that you have a wonderful day with
your friends and family.
Our psalm for this Sunday is psalm 23. Probably one of the most well known
psalms in the bible. It can remind us of the shepherding nature of Christ. Jesus
is there with us providing all that we need. It sounds like this weekend we need
to draw on his strength, patience and endurance as we engage in a very busy
God’s peace, Scott.