Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,
This weekend I will be attending Synod. This is like the parliament of the church where we discuss motions and other items that help to run the diocese. This year we will be holding open space discussions.
Open Space is a system where topics are suggested by individuals and a group time is offered for those interested to attend. This will mean that only those who are interested in a topic will attend and there will be great energy and conversation. I am looking forward to exploring this method and might use it with our parish for planning days, etc.
One of the things I love about Synod is the opportunity to come together as a diocese and hear about all the wonderful work that is being done. It is also important to address the challenges that we face. Our gospel reading this week challenges us about the cost of discipleship. I quite often say to people that it is important to put God first, family second and the church third when we prioritise our relationships/responsibilities. Sometimes I think we get the first and third priority mixed up :)
God’s peace, Scott