Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
This week I have celebrated yet another trip around the sun. Over the past few years my birthday has corresponded with the release of the latest instalment in the Star Wars saga. As I wait expectantly during Advent I also wait expectantly for the release of the latest offerings from Lucas Films.

I find my self watching the previous movies in preparation for the new release. I watch trailers and read internet resources that discuss the latest plot lines and characters. All this anticipation and building up of expectation readies me to receive the new movie when it arrives.

Likewise, John the Baptist was not the light, but he went down to the riverside daily to baptize those who were willing and to testify of the coming light that would change the world. At this time of year, we remember his testimony as we too await the coming of the light that has brought us the gift of salvation and changed our lives—forever.

God’s peace,