Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
This week saw the start of our regular mid-week service on Wednesdays at 7am. Six people came to start their day in worship. I always like to start my day in prayer/worship/reflection, and to celebrate the Eucharist was particularly special on Wednesday morning. Some people call Wednesday ‘Hump Day’ as it is often the middle of the week and after you get over the hump it is all down hill until the weekend. What better way to approach the day than intentionally spending time with God in worship. My hope is that this will become a tradition that will last for a long time in our parish. Let’s see how the three month trial goes!

People often think that the traditions of the church have been around for ever, for centuries and centuries. This is not always the case. Today we celebrate the feast of Christ the King which was only instituted in 1925. As we approach Christmas many of us will take part in family traditions that have been developed over many years. Many of us will be starting traditions as we form new relationships and commitments. How are you going to embrace the seasons of Advent and Christmas? What is going to be the focus for you this year as you embrace the traditions of the seasons?

God’s peace, Scott