For a number of years now there has been a need for the parish at St George’s to have an accessible toilet facility.
Our Mission Action Plan has, as one of the Goals, to be a “Welcoming Church”. In the past, we have been working towards being a welcoming church to those with mobility issues, by removing the western stairs and providing a level entry. This next stage will be to provide level access to an accessible toilet with access from within the hall.

In 2018, the parish approved expenditure of $20,000 for a demountable accessible toilet and storage room adjoining the hall.
Over the period from the 16th to the 19th January 2019, the addition has taken shape and the actual building has been erected.

Accessible Toilet Drilling Post Holes
Drilling the post holes for the accessible toilet

Accessible Toilet Under Construction
Accessible toilet under construction

Accessible Toilet Built
Accessible toilet building completed

There is still work to be done before it becomes functional and this should be completed early in 2019.