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This page outlines the latest information regarding the next series of Sailing and Kayaking Events being held by SAILS at Bayside

It also provides the Team and any Participants with an outline of upcoming events plus an update on the morning of the event, as to whether it will be proceeding or not based on the prevailing weather.

Updates are also given on Twitter: @sailsatbayside


To make bookings for our events go to SAILS at Bayside then click on “Pre-register for events” to access booking forms for events.

Alternately click on the links below to open Booking Request Forms for upcoming public Sailing & Kayaking Events.

BOOK HERE for Sat 18 MAY 2019

SAILS at Bayside Open (public) Sailing & Kayaking Event
9am to 1pm at Foreshore Park, Raby Bay (Cleveland)



See below for upcoming event status & details.

Saturday 18th May 2019 – SAILS At Bayside Sailing and Kayaking Event

This Event is a SAILS at Bayside Open (Public) event. Preference will be given to youth and young families.

To be held at Foreshore Park, Masthead Drive, Raby Bay, Cleveland from 9am to 1pm on Saturday 18th May 2019.

Bookings Closed

Booking (Pre-registration) for this event is essential.
Places are limited. Once initial places are filled, names will be placed on a waiting list.
Pre-register for this event by (clicking here)

A number of reserved places for Gift Voucher holders are available. If you have a Gift Voucher, please enter your Voucher number when booking.

Status for this event is


as at 6:15am Sat 18 May 2019.

Looking pretty good for today. Wear sun-protection, bring a towel & dry clothes to cahnge into afterwards. Chance of a light shower during the morning.

SAILS at Bayside Event is ON image

2019 Sailing and Kayaking Events (Public)

2019 public events are now listed our website
Bookings for events open 1 month before each event.

Go to our website
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